Signature Kitchen Suite Announces: The #TrueToFood Community

Signature Kitchen Suite Announces: The #TrueToFood Community


Signature Kitchen Suite (SKS) launched its True To Food program as a core mission for the brand with a focus on demonstrating respect for food at every level. Delivering performance, design, and precision, SKS honors the ones who are producing it, the ones preparing it, and most of all, the ones lucky enough to be enjoying it. This is how SKS stays True to Food.

We are now excited to announce our partnership with SKS in launching the #TrueToFood Community. SKS invites design professionals and food lovers alike to share their food experiences via social posts tagged with #TruetoFood. This includes content related to food (or wine and cocktails, hey we love a good cocktail recipe). Show us what you’re cooking, your favorite recipes, a wonderful local market, farm, artisan, or an amazing dinner. Just tag #TruetoFood and mention @sksappliances on Instagram.

Why SKS?

SKS embodies True to Food in how they cook and what they cook with. With a new generation of forward-thinking cooks, or Technicureans™, SKS gives us the best way to prepare food. Their full line of built-in appliances brings technology that provides more options for preparing food. You’ll find the perfect blend of innovation, precision, and purposeful design for every kitchen. Most importantly, SKS makes these appliances to respect their authentic connection to food.

Designhounds will have the chance to visit the SKS Experience and Design Center in Napa Valley and see True to Food in action. Product experts and onsite executive chefs will provide hands-on training that brings the Technicurean lifestyle to life. SKS partners with local wineries and produce farms as suppliers. As a result, SKS demonstrates its award-winning cooking technology within various kitchen vignettes.

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