A Look Back at Signature Kitchen Suite Influencer Summit at LG Headquarters

A Look Back at Signature Kitchen Suite Influencer Summit at LG Headquarters

The Designhounds were finally back in action IN PERSON last month with our friends and sponsor Signature Kitchen Suite. Our group of 18 Designhounds from all around the Northeast were invited to tour LG’s brand new headquarters in New Jersey and spend a full day immersed in LG and Signature Kitchen Suite brands, playing (yes playing) with robots and cutting edge AI and sharing their insights in a dynamic roundtable discussion. Take a look at the events and exceptional products from the summit.

The day started with a tour and extensive background information on the platinum LEED certified building that the Designhounds group experienced as the first official tour!

Every aspect of design was considered for an optimal work experience for LG and Signature Kitchen Suite employees, from biophilic elements, air quality, lighting environment and access to facilities to encourage productivity and mental well being. There may or may not have been a basketball court and gym involved. We so appreciate these considerations for the workplace that like LG, so many companies are now pursuing. After a challenging year with Covid, prioritizing the mental health of employees through sensory experiences with great design is a concept we value and understand that everyone can benefit from. Learn more about the building here.

Next up, the Designhounds got to experience the luxury appliances from Signature Kitchen Suite up close and personal. A real treat after a year in lockdown. Here were a few of our favorite products:

24-inch Undercounter Convertible Refrigerator/Freezer Drawers– We LOVED these undercounter drawers that offer 6 different temperature zones. We kind of need one for every room.

Integrated Column RefrigeratorWe got to see the fridge of all fridges. The Integrated Column Refrigerator was not only massive with plenty of storage but was equipped with “Lift and Go” Bins and Drawers making your storage and organization completely customizable.

36-inch Flex Induction Cooktop– This thin profile induction cooktop immediately caught our eye.

We took a trip to the LG Exploratorium. This felt like a digital arcade for adults. From robot paintings to designing your own digital fish for a full aquarium, the creativity was endless and AI was a lot less daunting in this playful setting. Most importantly, this was a great way of showing what the future of the home could look like. Technology isn’t going anywhere folks!

We capped the day with a very detailed roundtable discussion where designers were able to share what homeowners are asking for and what designers need now in terms of product design, information access and partner programs. Designers have become essential partners for brands and only when we can have open discussions like this one, can our industry continue growing in a healthy and profitable way.

Many thanks to Signature Kitchen Suite for their generosity and time and of course to our Designhounds for joining us. Stay tuned as we head to Napa for the Designhounds True to Food Tour this October.

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