Game Changer: Sous Vide Cooking with Signature Kitchen Suite

Signature Kitchen Suite treats Designhounds Influencers to an evening of sous vide Limoncello

Game Changer: Sous Vide Cooking with Signature Kitchen Suite

Image above by Designhounds Influencer Patti Johnson

Hi, my name is Veronika Miller and I am the CEO and founder of Modenus Media and the Designhounds Influencer Network. I wanted to write this blog post personally because the last month has been a personal journey in nutrition and I have Signature Kitchen Suite to thank for this. This post is part of a paid campaign with Signature Kitchen Suite but opinion is my own.

I’m not a cook. I CAN cook but I’m not passionate about cooking. If given half a choice I’ll opt for take out or a nice restaurant and while I love reading recipes and adore beautiful table settings my meals end up being quick, decent but somewhat lackluster. Unmotivated may be the right word. And then, Signature Kitchen Suite contacted us and said: We’d like to host an event for your Designhounds Influencer Network. Not just any event though, we want us all to cook ‘sous vide’. Virtually. From all over the US. But not just any sous vide, we want everyone to make a cocktail. A limoncello cocktail. A sous vide limoncello cocktail. Say what??? (Scroll down for recipe)

Suffice to say, the folks at Signature Kitchen Suite “delivered” on their promise and literally sent sous-vide kits to 50 leading influencers in our network. We all received boxes that included Meyer lemons, vodka, prosecco, lemon sugar (yummy, how did I live without lemon sugar??), honey and, best of all, an Anova Sous Vide Stick. I will add that, to my knowledge, Signature Kitchen Suite is not affiliated with Anova but the point was to get all of us to actually cook sous vide, because if we’ve never cooked this way, how can we possibly write and rave about the Signature Kitchen Suite pro-range which features sous vide. (And steam…and induction….and more) ? Brilliant move….because it worked and I now can’t live without sous vide!

The Signature Kitchen Suite Pro Cooktop. Want!

We were tasked to prep our limoncello in the week prior to the event because it takes 2-3 hours, not bad considering it usually takes 40 days, and in this week, magic happened. Designhounds did not stop at limoncello – they cooked up a storm and shared their experiences in our private chat group. Beware – do not view on an empty stomach!

I personally sous vided all week long, making the most tender New York Strip steaks, burger and chicken and the best part, you set the sous vide on the correct temperature and then have a significant time span in which your food doesn’t overcook . In the meantime you can fuss about setting tables, making your sides or, reading a book.

For steak for instance you plan 2-4 hours but the time does not alter the outcome, only the temperature matters. Once done, you sear the outside in a hot pan, done. Magic!

  • Rare: 120°F to 128°F
  • Medium-rare: 129°F to 134°F
  • Medium:  135°F to 144°F 
  • Medium-well: 145°F to 155°F 
  • Well done: 156°F and over 

Now back to those Limoncello Cocktails. The recipe below is super easy and absolute must try – it’s like summer in a glass and we all needed one. Or two. OK fine, my staff had to delete several Facebook Live posts I may have made after the event, teehee 🙂

We did receive some questions from online audiences about sous vide safety and limitations so Signature Kitchen Suite shared a few sous vide myth debunkers which might be helpful if you have concerns about nutrition and cooking in plastic.

Since I’ve learned how easy sous vide is, I’ve made a dozen meals in this way and find it fun and rewarding to serve up restaurant quality food to the oohs and aaahs of my family, what can I say, I’m a sucker for applause and admiration. Try it out, and see for yourself AND check out everything else that Signature Kitchen Suite has to offer including its newest products launched at KBIS Virtual two weeks ago: The 24″ Convertible Fridge/Freezer drawers and the new undercounter wine fridge OR, better yet, head on over to the brand new Virtual Showroom and play with the entire collection.

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