We develop curated partnerships between design professionals and brands looking to reach authentic audiences. Our goal is to create connections and set the stage for storytelling that is delightfully organic.

That’s it, that’s all we do.

It seems simple, but there are a million things that go into the focused practice of good, curated influencer collaborations. So, we’ll keep it brief because we know what we do and we do it very, very well.

Our Story.

In 2011, Modenus Media CEO and Designhounds founder Veronika Miller-Eagleson, launched Modenus Media’s first Influencer meetup, Marys & Mimosas at the AD Home Design Show in NYC followed by the inaugural BlogTour London.

Designhounds was officially launched at the London Design Festival in 2016 and has since built momentum with over 200K+ online mentions of the #designhounds hashtag.

Today, Designhounds is a close-knit network of over 600+ interior, kitchen, and bath design professionals. Their combined reach totals over five million design-savvy audience members.

Design: Merri Interiors
Photo: Nicole Larson Photography


Our founder/fearless leader Veronika (aka “V”) came up with the name Designhounds after she observed a particularly perceptive group of designers in their natural habitat—a neighborhood filled with antiques and vintage finds in Milan. They didn’t just barge into the first shop. It was almost as if they caught the scent of the really great stuff instinctively—the way a hound picks up the trail of some unseen, elusive prey.

And so the term Designhound was defined. It will live on in our lexicon as someone who knows not only how to design—but how to uncover all those truly special sources, trends, and…whatever else that the rest of us may not notice. You’d follow along too, wouldn’t you?

Veronika Miller Eagleson



Personal Brand |

Eclectic, curious, off-brand-to-talk-about-her-brand next question

Design Crush |

A velvet emerald green sofa against a dark textured wallpaper

Memorable Event Highlight |

Mastering the art of the Smorrebrod in Copenhagen

Florence Vonpelet Designhounds

von Pelet-Clement

VP of Operations

Personal Brand |

Half detailed, savvy, analytics nerd, half wildly inspired creative

Design Crush |

Calm, natural, clean, taupe (yes, taupe don’t judge) paired with organic elements & a pop of color

Memorable Event Highlight |

Cruising down the river Thames with a glass of champagne at sunset

Sara Harman Designhounds


Lead Events Coordinator

Personal Brand |

Practical and pretty, classic and comfortable, rule follower, epic dance moves

Design Crush |

Classic with a pop of modernity, citrus colors

Memorable Event Highlight |

Michelin restaurant experience in Napa, driving a U-Haul with team Modenus through a snow-covered Mojave desert to LA (no flights)

Sarah Miller Designhounds


International Events Coordinator

Personal Brand |

Fully detailed, fashion icon, travel queen, thrifting expert

Design Crush |

New York chic meets down Philly hipster, plants are a requirement, vintage furniture and goods are my love language

Memorable Event Highlight |

Mask painting in Venice and learning about the history of masquerades in Venice

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