A Look Back at Designhounds NYC True to Food Tour presented by Signature Kitchen Suite

A Look Back at Designhounds NYC True to Food Tour presented by Signature Kitchen Suite

The Designhounds were invited to NYC with Signature Kitchen Suite for the True to Food Tour! When you think of kitchen appliances, what comes to mind? For us it’s simple, it’s the cooking, it’s the food, it’s the experience.

We partnered with Signature Kitchen Suite for a doubleheader of Designhounds tours in both NYC and France. We wanted to keep things simple and get back to the food. It just so happens that Signature Kitchen Suite’s company mantra, motto, and mission is True to Food. This aligned perfectly with our goal to bring brands and designers alike back to the true culinary experience.

True to Food

What blossomed was a three-day True to Food Tour to New York City filled with unforgettable dining experiences, food sourcing education, and an SKS brand immersion day in the all-new Skyline showroom at LG Headquarters in New Jersey. We’re breaking down our favorite moments, meals, and products from the tour below.

True to Food

True to Food Tour: Arrival Day

What goes best with a killer meal? A killer view of course. SKS set the bar high with a welcome dinner at Manhatta, sixty floors above NYC streets with incredible views. The five-course meal set the tone for the next few days of unique culinary experiences.

brooklyn grange
Brooklyn Grange Urban Rooftop Farming

Day 1 in NYC: All about True to Food and Design

The following morning, the Designhounds were off to Brooklyn Grange, an urban farm in the Brooklyn Navy Yard with unparalleled panoramic views of NYC. We spent the morning learning about growing fresh herbs and vegetables on an urban rooftop. Afterward, we enjoyed a freshly prepared homemade lunch straight from the farm. There’s something about the freshness, quality, and taste of eating meals that were directly picked from a farm you can see. Kate Zuckerman, pastry chef, author, and owner of SweetCycle, treated the crew to her incredible mint-garlic pesto and fresh farm salad with herb vinaigrette. If that isn’t True to Food we don’t know what is. 

No description can do it justice. Check out the Brooklyn Grange Recipes.

ICFF 2023

Designers spent the next few hours scouring the aisles of ICFF exploring exhibitors from across the globe. What makes the culinary experience even better? Incredible design to set the tone which brings us to our next stop, Roman and Williams Guild in NYC.

Roman and Williams Guild and La Mercerie

We spent the evening at Roman and Williams Guild and La Mercerie, where designers go to swoon and foodies go to savor the flavors. We like to think that the term Eclectic Elegance might define the private dining room at La Mercerie. Curated by Roman and Williams, this extraordinary space features found objects, bespoke sculptural pieces, literary works as well as Roman and Williams’ own products. Every detail was considered. 

The dinner that followed a brief tour told the rest of the story with a menu of delicate caviar oysters, savory cheese pastries, rich salmon bearnaise, and beef au poivre ending with hand-poured chocolate choux pastries with vanilla ice cream. Memorable would be an understatement. If you haven’t been and find yourself in lower Manhattan, make it worth your while with lunch or dinner at the Guild. 

LG Headquarters Futuristic Experience Center
LG Headquarters Futuristic Experience Center

Day 2: Signature Kitchen Suite immersion and LG Headquarters

We spent the last day with our friends at SKS touring the wonders of the LG headquarters at their LG Exploratorium. Here, technology meets creativity. Robots that instantly draw portraits to a digital aquarium where you can create your own fish!

SKS Executive Chef Nick Ritchie surprised us with a visit from Napa to spend the afternoon cooking with the ‘Hounds.’ The all-new Skyline showroom showcased SKS’ suite of cooking appliances. Three delicious courses, cooked by Chef Nick, Chef Sakari Smithwick, and members of the Designhounds, team did not disappoint. A gorgeous asparagus soup with sous-vide egg, sous-vide filet, and out-of-this-world crepes was a feast for the senses. It was the real deal and, once again, True to Food. 

True to Food
Dinner with a view at Battello Restaurant

Designhounds NYC came to a close with another round of stellar views of NYC and a memorable culinary experience at Battello Restaurant.

Are you hungry yet? #TruetoFood

With cooking experiences and an understanding of food sources also came a wealth of product knowledge from the wonderful team at SKS. You might ask “What were your favorite products?” We’re glad you asked.

True to Food

The SKS 48” Dual-Fuel Pro Range with Sous Vide and Induction is a show-stopper in itself. Here’s why. The range is made for the daily chef. The function of the gas and induction cooktops creates the perfect cooking environment for any dish. The sous-vide makes that lamb chop or your favorite fish entrée cook to perfection. Advanced technologies (albeit easy to use) like timers on the knobs keep things stress-free. These thoughtful details allow you to perfect the meal and keep things true to food without needing Le Cordon Bleu training. (Don’t tell Chef Nick)

True to Food Angelo Brewing 8
The Signature Kitchen Suite 48″ French Door Refrigerator

What’s your daily kitchen worth without the perfect fridge? Yes, we said perfect. The 48” Built-In French Door Refrigerator takes the cake with its dual compressors keeping things cold and eliminating wasted energy costs (a BIG one for us). The  Dual Ice maker with Craft Ice™is a game-changer and takes entertainment and your favorite cocktail up a notch. The convertible drawers are a must-have as additional freezers or refrigeration, the pull-out drawers create versatility to suit your needs. Last but not least, the sliding shelves on the doors are a lifesaver in that they can accommodate any size condiment, sauce, or other bottle with a simple shift up and down along the fridge doors.

So that’s our product round-up and favorite moments from Designhounds NYC. To learn more about Signature Kitchen Suite products head over to SignatureKitchenSuite.com. Thank you to Signature Kitchen Suite for hosting an immersive tour where we learned the meaning behind True to Food.

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