Designhounds NYC Day 3: A Day with Signature Kitchen Suite

Designhounds NYC Day 3: A Day with Signature Kitchen Suite

Day 3 of Designhounds NYC was nothing short of a blast. Continuing the “Design for the Senses” theme, this day was all about hands-on and immersive activities. This included not only getting our paws on beautiful Signature Kitchen Suite (SKS) appliances, but also mozzarella making and sculpting. Yes, you heard us right, sculpting!

Our long-time sponsor Signature Kitchen Suite welcomed the Designhounds for the final day of the tour to LG Electronics USA Headquarters just over the Hudson in New Jersey.

A Day at LG Headquarters:

First, the Designhounds learned a little background on the LG HQ building and subsequently the Signature Kitchen Suite luxury kitchen appliance brand under LG, presented by Donille Perrone, the Senior Brand Marketing Manager at Signature Kitchen Suite. The Designhounds got an inside look on the brands progression, how the Designhounds impact the SKS brand name on social and introduced their new line of cooking appliances!

Img 8635
Pictured: Donille Perrone, Senior Brand Marketing Manager, Signature Kitchen Suite

A.I. has entered the cooking appliance chat. Signature Kitchen Suite brought their appliances to the next level with the all new Transitional Series of cooking appliances. Highlights included incredible oven technology (the kind that can identify your food and suggest the correct cooking temperature and style) , flexible induction cooktop cooking zones, advanced steampower dishwashing technology, the list goes on. All designed with Signature Kitchen Suite’s sleek satin stainless steel. Learn more about the new series here.

After learning more behind the brand, the group headed over to mozzarella making class. SKS treated the group to a memorable mozzarella making class hosted by Vinnies’ Mootz, a top-tier pizza and cheese making master who was clearly born to entertain! Vinnie walked the Designhounds step by step through the process of making their own mozarella. It was the perfect crossroads between the SKS “True to Food” message and commitment to those who grow, prepare, cook and serve our food and our “Design for the Senses”, a good hands on experience. By the end of the class, everyone created their very own fresh mozzarella to take home. Too fun!

After an afternoon of learning and laughs and yes, plenty of mozzeralla snacking, the tour continued with a product immersion tour with Eric Ovesen – Senior District Sales Manager, Signature Kitchen Suite. Eric was incredibly knowledgeable and had the ability to showcase Signature Kitchen Suite products in real time. A great experience and no better way for the designers to learn and understand the products to share with their clients.

Img 8796
Pictured: Eric Ovesen – Senior District Sales Manager, Signature Kitchen Suite.

The group later enjoyed a delicious four- course lunch complements of the very talented Executive Chef at the SKS Skyline Showroom, Sakari Smithwick. Inspired by gorgeous seasonal spring ingredients we enjoyed lemon gazpacho, the tenderest chicken with pureed asparagus, and berries and cream, straight from his grandmother’s recipe book. By the end of the day, we were full- both body and spirit.

Img 8817
Pictures: Designhounds with Chef Sakari Smithwick

Time to Play with Clay:

After a beautiful day, thanks to SKS, we were off to the races for the next “Design for the Senses” activity. This time- to play with clay!

The group attended a blindfolded, yes blindfolded, sculpting session. Starting with clay head-shaped forms, the hounds began feeling the features on their own faces to inspire them for the sculpted face they would create. It was a beautiful experience to slow down and be mindful about one’s own features, creating a tranquil environment for the next step. With loud, curated music and lovely aromatherapy smells and of course a little wine, the Designhounds molded the clay for the next 45 minutes creating a full sculpted face by hand. When they removed their blindfolds, they were pleasantly surprised to see the results.

Img 8826 1

The End of Designhounds NYC:

To end the day and conclude Designhounds NYC the group convend at Anjeo Mexican restaurant for margaritas and another delicious meal. By the end of the night the group was hugging goodbye and relishing in the beautiful memories we had made together, inspired and connected.

Thank you to your brand partner Signature Kitchen Suite for your long-standing support of the Designhounds and designer community.And thank you to the amazing Designhounds for showing up and willingness to be vulnerable and get in tune with your own senses- connecting with the creative powerhouses that you are. We are so proud of this community and it’s always a joy to host these spaces where we can explore who we are not only as designers, but as human beings, and that’s what “Dare to Design” is all about!

Be sure to follow along on our instagram for more Designhounds NYC content and keep up with our sponsors. Until next time…mwah!

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