NKBA Global Connect at KBIS 2024: The Brazil Pavilion

NKBA Global Connect at KBIS 2024: The Brazil Pavilion

Say hello to Brazilian Natural Stone at KBIS 2024.

We are thrilled to once again support the NKBA Global Connect program at KBIS 2024 and part of this program is an ever growing list of international pavilions. Many of you are already familiar with the German pavilion which is now one of the largest areas in North Hall, and with KBIS retaining its powerhouse position in North American residential kitchen + bath design, it comes as no surprise that other countries are now following suit. Enter the UK pavilion which you can read about HERE and brand new to KBIS, The Brazilian Natural Stone Pavilion.

Produced in collaboration with NKBA Global Alliance partner, Centrorochas, the Brazil Pavilion features a unique immersion into the perfectly imperfect world of Brazilian natural stone with the booth concept designed by NKBA Global Connect members La Agencia from Uruguay.  Themed “It’s Natural”, the pavilion explores the concept of “wellness and wellbeing” through nature.  Centrorochas will represent over 20 quarries at KBIS, sharing their unique stories and history. Listed below are the supporting quarries in the Brazil Pavilion at KBIS 2024. All are featured at Booth #SL6015.

Centrorochas – It’s Natural

It’s Natural – Brazilian Natural Stone is a program to promote exports developed by the Centrorochas, in partnership with the ApexBrasil. The program aims to encourage and increase exports of Brazilian natural stones, through a set of strategic internationalization efforts with actions to promote and strengthen the image and develop the sector in the global market.

Quarries joining the Brazil Pavilion:


Abrasivi Adria S.r.L, an Italian company present in 10 countries, has been a leader in supplying high-tech inputs to the ornamental stone processing industry for 45 years. Its global presence emphasizes advanced technology, supported by strong technical support and has its main Hub in Brazil. https://www.abrasiviadria.com/

A.M. Group

The beauty and atemporality of the Silver Gray granite proves that natural rocks are the best choice for luxurious projects full of sophistication. In addition to its elegance, it is resistant and durable, capable of transforming external and internal areas. https://www.maxdan.com.br/

Apollo Logistica

Apollo Logística has been operating for 20 years offering international freight services, and logistics for exhibitions. Headquartered in Brazil, a logistics terminal strategically located in Houston, TX and a wide network of partners worldwide, guaranteeing customers a range of integrated services. https://www.apollologistica.com.br/

Cajugram Granitos e Marmores do Brasil

Screen Shot 2024 01 30 At 10.03.01 Am

Cajugram’s “Ocean Blue” Stone

For 30+ years, Cajugram has been a specialized supplier in the natural stone business. Their success stems from a broad business model, spanning from their own quarries of marble, granite, and quartzite all the way to large scale cut-to-size projects and slab distribution through our clients in the U.S. https://www.cajugram.com.br/site/

Decolores Mámores e Granitos do Brasil

Specialized in processing and commercialization of quartzite, the company constantly invests in technology, offering the best on the market. Committed to generating wellness, they promote the natural choice, translated into the clean stone extraction process and the durability that only natural stones offer. decolores.com.br

Gramazini Granitos e Mármores

Polaris, Montebello, and Marebianco by Gramazini redefine elegance. Polaris offers green and silver freshness, Montebello embodies timeless pearl hues, and Marebianco blends pure white with delicate blues. Each material elevates spaces with refined beauty, durability, and versatility. https://www.instagram.com/gramazini/


Over 35 years, Granos has forged a brand revered for passing along generations the craftsmanship of natural stone and for building robust partnerships in America. Purveying exclusive materials and collaborating with designers, we have delivered projects with the Brazilian natural stone uniqueness. granos.com.br

Imetame Pedras Naturaisi

Diamond White Quarry 01

Imetame’s “Diamond White” on-site quarry

For over 20 years, Imetame has been exporting natural stones from Brazil to all over the world. Located in Espírito Santo, Brazil, Imetame is constantly evolving to provide quality materials to its clients. Be natural! Our mission: “contribute to people fulfilling their dreams, making a better world.” www.imetamestones.com

Magban Marmores e Granitos

Generated in glacio-marine environment, Magblanc is a Quartzite with a white background and delicate mineral lines that give the material a distinctive aesthetic appearance. With a composition of 99% quartz and 1% sericite, it is a versatile and resistant material. www.magban.com

Margramar Granitos

Committed eco-friendly practices through sustainable business, high-tech machinery and a highly committed team to quality. Marble, granite, and quartzite. Shipping blocks and slabs all over the world. Margramar: Welcome to “The Stone Experience.” www.margramar.com.br


Milanezi Granitos

Milanezi Granitos produces Brazilian natural stones for unique architecture and design projects all over the world. For over 24 years, a family company has constantly innovated to offer exclusive materials, from its own quarries of materials as Geilo, Terre Crystal, Santorini Sunset and more. http://milanezisa.com.br/

Mineral Stone Exportação Ltda

For 12 years, Mineral Stone has shaped the international stone landscape with an unwavering commitment to quality and customer success. Their journey is marked by an ongoing passion for producing and presenting the best in high-quality materials. https://mineralstone.com.br/

Monte Negro Granitos

Discover Baccarat Quartzite– a masterpiece of earthy tones and subtle blue shades. Its robust surface is perfect for elegant countertops, exuding natural luxury and unique charm in every slab. Transform your interiors with its unparalleled beauty. http://www.montenegrogranitos.com.br/

Nova Aurora Group

Amethyst Aplicacao3
“Amethyst” Stone in countertop form

Nova Aurora Stones Group experience since 1988 in the extraction, production, and marketing is taking the beauty of natural stones all over the world. Premium service with constant renewal in natural stone trends and a strong commitment to the environment have earned the trust of markets and customers. http://www.novaurora.com.br/

Pemagran Pedras Mármores e Granitos

Since its foundation in 1979, Pemagran has expanded exponentially over the years. Recognized for their delivery, quality, punctuality, and commitment to the customer, employees, and the environment. Their purpose goes beyond simply providing high-quality natural materials. www.pemagran.com.br

Qualita Group

Qualitá Group, defining excellence in Brazilian natural stones. Melding quality with sustainability, each piece tells a tale of uniqueness. Transform your space with their enduring stones. Based out of Vitória/ES, Brazil. www.qualitagroup.com

Rochas Bahia Mineração LTDA

Founded in 2004, Rochas Bahia’s mining company stands out in block extraction, offering high quality. With exotic and classic materials, they seek innovation, investing in research and employee training, ensuring customer safety and excellence. rochabahiamineracao.com.br

Santo Antonio Stones

Screen Shot 2024 01 30 At 10.31.57 Am
A close up of Santo Antonio’s “Emerald Lake” stone

Santo Antonio proudly presents two exclusive natural stones that are true representations of Brazilian mineral riches: semi-precious Cullinan and Gabana quartzite. Both combine sophisticated beauty and superb technical performance, making them perfect choices for those seeking extraordinary stones! www.santonio.com.br

Vermont Mineração

Vermont Mineração, founded in 2005 in Sobral-CE, specializes in the extraction of exotic and super-exotic stones, and the sale of blocks. With quarries in Ceará, Bahia and São Paulo, it offers more than 30 materials, including the renowned Taj Mahal quartzite, a highlight since 2009. Based in Sobral, CE, Brazil. vermontmineracao.com.br

Vitoria Stone Indústria e Comercio S/A

With 36 years of expertise, Vitoria Stone Group is a leading Brazilian natural stone exporter. Their stones grace over 30 countries, showcasing exquisite surfaces from innovative mining and processing. Committed to perfection, they offer a variety of stones, each reflecting nature. www.vitoriastone.com

Zucchi Luxury Stones

Experience Brazilian grandeur with globally renowned stones. Taj Mahal, a symbol of elegance and durability, is the top choice for architects. Matterhorn represents nature’s beauty and innovation. Elevate your space with Brazil’s finest. https://zucchistones.com/

We are so excited to see the first-ever Brazil Pavilion at KBIS 2024!

You can read the full list of Global Connect members coming to KBIS 2024 here.

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