NKBA Global Connect Member Spotlights: LA AGENCIA, Lundhs, and PITT Cooking

NKBA Global Connect Member Spotlights: LA AGENCIA, Lundhs, and PITT Cooking

The NKBA Global Connect Program is an omnidirectional program to connect the international kitchen and bath community. We are thrilled to support our media partner, the NKBA, and see the growth of these exciting international brands.


Located in Montevideo, Uruguay, Global Connect Member LA AGENCIA is an international award-winning design agency that specializes in furniture systems. As a team of creative designers with a deep understanding of contemporary living, they shape the way people live in spaces, delivering relevant solutions for a brand’s challenges. In 2015, LA AGENCIA entered the international market, working with furniture manufacturers in Italy, Spain, Brazil and Argentina providing design consultancy, product design, and design management services. Most recently, they partnered with NBKA Strategic Alliance Partner Centrorochas to develop the new-to-KBIS Brazilian Natural Stone Pavilion.


Lundhs Emerald Kitchen 18
Silk/Leather Surface: LUNDHS Emerald®

Lundhs Real Stone is a versatile, high-performing natural stone of Larvikite and Anorthosite found only in Norway. Its stones, available for more than 60 years, contain no quartz, require no sealing and are extremely durable, heat and stain-resistant — perfect for interior and exterior countertops and surfaces. Slabs are cut from solid blocks of rock and fabricated by factory partners in Italy and Spain. The company has a strong focus on sustainability, minimal waste, and low impact on the environment.

Lundhs recently exhibited at KBIS in Las Vegas. The company is currently distributed in the U.S. through builders, fabricators, and a network of authorized distributors. They aim to build brand awareness, inform customers about the benefits and advantages of their Norwegian stones, and expand its partnerships across the North American market.

PITT Cooking

Pitt Cooking

PITT, founded in 2009 and based in De Meern, Holland, offers fully integrated gas burners that safely install directly into a counter surface. The concept arose from the limitations of the traditional cooktop. PITT Cooking features include:

  • Enough space for pots and pans
  • Flame control
  • High-quality and safety
  • Easy to clean
  • Extensive options
  • Beautiful design

The company has gained global recognition, with its presence now spanning 42 countries worldwide, and they recently exhibited at KBIS 2024. “PITT aims to build a strong dealer, designer, and builder network in North America,” said Mark Nichol, who runs U.S./Canadian distribution for the company. “One of its goals is to help consumers think differently about how their kitchens can look and perform. Customers can get out of their comfort zone and demand a performance cooktop product to be at the center of their home.”

We are so excited to watch these brands continue to grow in North America and worldwide. Learn more about the NKBA Global Connect program here.

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