Designhounds NYC Day 1: Freepower

Designhounds NYC Day 1: Freepower

Just days after the Designhounds have returned home, we are still riding the waves of our #designhoundsnyc trip. We were thrilled to come together for a trip that both fired us up and gave us some much needed R&R. Without further ado- here’s a recap of Designhounds NYC Kick-Off with our exciting new sponsor FreePower.

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Welcome in the Big City

Kicking-off the tour, Desighounds gathered from across the United States and Canada at the jazzy Roxy Hotel in Tribeca. Designhounds Founder, Veronika Miller welcomed designers to the tour and shared her impassioned vision of the design industry reiterating the importance of each and every designer in the lives of their customers and communities and inviting designers to Dare To Design. “Design leads the way, designers have such an important role to change the world of home design and impact the daily lives of their customers on multiple sensory levels. This is what inspired our mission this year to “Dare to Design” and for this tour “Design for the Senses” to reinspire, reengage and reignite the creative senses for designers,” Veronika Miller.

What better way to super charge a powerful conversation with FreePower wireless technology, beautifully placed around the venue to let designers to witness and use the technology to power their devices on a beautiful stone inlaid wireless charging pad with their “halo” lighting outlining the charging environment. Cool, right?

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How can FreePower support the senses?

Veronika shared an interesting concept of nomophobia, the fear of being disconnected from technology, you know those smartphones glued to our hands. The idea seems silly until you really think about it. All of the Designhounds team at the table could agree that indeed we all feel no-phone, no-charge anxieties as smartphones are the core of our daily lives in business, communications, connections and more. So how can FreePower help? With their inlaid stone charging technology, smart devices can easily be at yours and client’s fingertips that is available in a variety of settings including the kitchen, side tables, bathrooms and more eliminating the eye sore and short lengths of cords while placed in convenient areas. No more nomophobia!

Designers had the continued opportunity to engage with the technology and have wonderfully charged phones with gorgeous FreePower charging station centerpices, eliminating that nomophobia 😉

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The Freepower Story

Veronika later welcomed FreePower CEO and Co-Founder Jake Slatnick to take the floor and share more about the innovative technology and vision behind FreePower, founded in 2017. If you didn’t already know, FreePower won “Best in Show” at the 2024 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) in yes, their first year exhibiting. Wowza. CEO Jake Slatnick describes this as one of, if not the peak moment for the company. Among other accolades including Forbes 30 under 30 honors, an appearance on Shark Tank with investment, a parternship with Tesla and more awards and partnerships in the automotive industry, Jake Slatnick wants to change the home design industry by being the go-to for home wireless charging solutions that are affordable, elegant, reliable and eliminate those ugly cords. With a fabricator certification program in place, we see FreePower will take the home industry by storm.

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CEO of Freepower, Jake Slatnick

The evening concluded with a lovely four-course dinner and more collaborative conversations with the FreePower team. Representing an industry on the front lines of technological advancement, the Designhounds left with the confidence they needed to start introducing them to their clients, and a free charging station ready to install.

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Thank you to FreePower for the inspiring evening and and for your sponsorship. We and the Designhounds community look forward to seeing how you grow in the home design world and subsequent projects! It was the perfect way to kick off the NYC tour. Keep an eye out for the upcoming posts on the remainder of #designhoundsnyc. Read about our full sponsor list here. Until next time!

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