NKBA Global Connect – European K+B Showcase at KBIS 2021

Hottest kitchen and bath trends, products and brands from Europe brought to you by NKBA Global Connect

NKBA Global Connect – European K+B Showcase at KBIS 2021

Image above from A’Design Awards via Italian Bark

Ok, we realize that title is a mouthful so allow us to unpack that for you. #1 What is NKBA Global Connect? NKBA is the National Kitchen + Bath Association who just so happens to also own KBIS, the Kitchen + Bath Industry Show. NKBA launched their Global Connect program in 2017 with the goal of connecting kitchen + bath communities globally through educational programs and networking events. The program is designed to help international designers and buyers learn more about North American manufacturers as well as helping select international manufacturers get off to a successful start in the US.

Yes but what’s a K+B Showcase????

Remember how none of us got to travel to any of the international shows in the past year and even if we had been able to travel, we would have been sorely disappointed since nearly all of them were canceled. Right? Right. So, to help US designers, buyers and media to learn about international brands and their newest introductions, the NKBA created the European K+B Showcase, a virtual presentation of European (and beyond) brands, products + trends. That’s what the “Connect” in Global Connect is all about – making connections even when things are bit complicated.

Tell me more…..

Sure, happy to. Below you’ll find videos to all presentations that were created around the European K+B Showcase including the Showcase Keynote, presented by trend consultant Gudy Herder who discussed The Four Pillars of the Caring Economy; Global Design Bites from three globally recognized brands that are seeking to enter or expand within the US market; CEO Talks – a look behind two leading international brands hosted by NKBA CEO Bill Darcy; The European Trends panel hosted by Executive Editor at Elle Decor, Ingrid Abramovitch and finally European Favorite Finds, a presentation on newest products launched in Europe in the past year. Take a look!

Global Connect Welcome and Keynote by Gudy Herder of Eclectic Trends: The Four Pillars of the Caring Economy

Global Design Bites featuring Ballerina Kitchens, Schott Ceran and JWICO Kitchens

European Design Trends moderated by Ingrid Abramovitch, Executive Editor, Elle Decor. Panelists: Iris Havekes of C-More Interieur in the Netherlands; Justine Fox of Calzada Fox in the UK and Phil Pond of Scarlet Opus also in the UK.

CEO Talks – Behind the Brand with nobilia

Best of Europe – Favorite Finds with Stacey Sheppard of The Design Sheppard, UK, Elisabetta Rizzato of Italian Bark , Italy, and Yvonne Zahn of Yvi’s Kuechenglueck , Germany

CEO Talks – Behind the Brand with Cosentino

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