NKBA Global Connect: Announcing New International Member Brands

NKBA Global Connect: Announcing New International Member Brands

As media partner of NKBA Global Connect, we are excited to watch this program grow in leaps and bounds, simultaneously providing North American designers and specifiers with new inspiration and product sources and supporting international manufacturers as they explore US market opportunities. Meet new to NKBA brands below:

Meet Saiens International – A technology-driven material science company that brings new surfacing options to the US Market

With over 300 employees and three manufacturing locations worldwide, SAIENS International North American headquarters has been established in Irving, Texas where the company is producing high-quality quartz slabs. They are also located in both Lorton, Virginia (in the Washington DC area); and Commerce, California (Los Angeles Area).

SAIENS applies nanotechnology to the materials to gain a range of new properties including anti-bacterial and anti-viral functions for the kitchen & bath countertop industry. The application of nanotechnology not only improves the functionality of the surfacing materials but enhances its look, creating unique patterns

Saiens International - Mikado Quartz
Saiens International – Mikado Quartz

“In 5 years, our goal is not only to supply quartz slabs in countertops, but also to be able to design new products and develop a high-tech team,” shared Guilherme Fares, Marketing Director, SAIENS. “We plan to expand our distribution centers to Chicago and Miami.”

Innovation is the most important criteria in their product development team, and it’s the core value of SAIENS team globally. One of the brand’s quartz surfaces is a genetically modified marble called “Mikado Quartz.” Mikado Quartz is engineered with over 93% of quartz which makes it the most durable and resistant surface on the market, along with offering a variety of colors and textures.

“We are working to develop an e-commerce-based countertop business by managing production and logistics efficiently for cut-to-size projects no matter how big or how small the projects are,” said Fares. We are excited about the US marketplace. The designers, fabricators and kitchen and bath dealers here are always interested in new, better technologies to improve their projects and delight their customers.”

Meet Chariot International – The Only Fully Automated Cut-To-Size Stone Fabrication Facility in India

“Two years ago, there was an enforcement drift against Chinese manufacturing material influencing the market to change, leaving US customers in the air about what to do with their demand,” said Kristofer J Putz, Assistant Vice President, Chariot International. “We saw this as an opportunity to initiate setting up a fully automated fabrication facility catered towards cut-to-size commercial and residential jobs. We are the only company that is fully automated.”

Chariot International - Cut-to-Size Stone Fabrication
Chariot International – Cut-to-Size Stone Fabrication

Chariot International’s sourcing philosophy is unique in that they have established their facilities and partnerships with equity investments, closest to the quarries to reduce transportation costs. Besides having an in-house granite plant, Chariot has partnered with additional quartz facilities located near their facility who also share the same values and objectives: to supply all customers with premium quality quartz slabs, processed under the strictest of international standards and at unrivalled prices.

“We want to capture the whole North American market and become the biggest supporter and partner for K&B commercial and residential requirements,” shared Sandeep K. Wadhwa, Managing Director at Chariot International. “Currently we are in New York, Atlanta and Florida, however, we would like to expand and are excited to demonstrate our abilities at KBIS and through our membership in the NKBA!”

Meet Tekcom – One of the leading Plywood manufacturers in Vietnam

Founded in 2005, TEKCOM has quickly grown and expanded the business from a small factory to two manufacturing facilities of total 1,184,030 square feet.

Tekcom RTA manufacturing in Vietnam
Tekcom RTA manufacturing in Vietnam

“TEKCOM is proud to be one of the leading plywood manufacturers in Vietnam,” said Huy Vu, TEKCOM CEO. “We believe plywood is a rising star among many wooden solutions as it proves to have many outstanding structural benefits (durability, bending and bonding strength), especially health-friendly features.”

For the past decade, TEKCOM has continually challenged themselves to develop innovative solutions for construction and architectural design.​

In 2019 a strategic step was taken, and Furniture and Kitchen Cabinet were added to the product portfolio. These products are much demanded for aesthetics and functionality combined with health-and environmental friendliness.​

TEKCOM is committed to establishing a corporate culture that prioritises Safety, Health and Environment, to ensure a safe and healthy workplace for all employees, and to protect the environment. Over 95% of the sourcing materials are made from their origin country (Vietnam) and are all legally sourced. The rest of the materials are sourced from neighboring countries and are all certified.

“North America has a fast-growing kitchen cabinet market that TEKCOM has not fully introduced us into. Our vision is being a sustainable leading RTA cabinet manufacturer in the South-East Asia region, building long-term partnerships with our current and potential partners world-wide,” continues Vu.

To learn more about NKBA Global Connect please get in touch at globalconnect@nkba.org or visit us at https://nkba.org/globalconnect

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