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We are particularly excited to introduce Wall-Smart – A company that truly that’s at the intersection of technology and design. We’ve had the opportunity to interview Wall-Smart CEO Galia Ben-Dor to our audiences via the Design Uncut webcast below but please also read on to learn more about this highly innovative brand.

WALL-SMART was established in 2013, with a vision to change the way walls and ceilings look and function. With the rise in home technology, the brand recognized a need for solutions that were both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Wall-Smart Fully Integrates Smart Home Controls and Devices
Wall-Smart Fully Integrates Smart Home Controls and Devices

WALL-SMART is a privately owned company led by co-founders with vast experience in start-ups and big corporations. The first WALL-SMART wall mounts were designed to recess devices flush with drywall surfaces during construction and with the option to paint the trim and faceplate in a matching or complementary color. To this core line, WALL-SMART engineered versions for installations within solid surfaces, including wood, metal, glass, and more. In early 2015, born from in-the-field demand, WALL-SMART rounded out its portfolio with mounts for retrofit applications.

“While the footprints of most smart home devices have become smaller and sleeker, they can still clash with the design and architecture of a home,” said Galia Ben-Dor, WALL-SMART Co-CEO and Founder. “WALL-SMART solves this issue by enabling popular technologies like light switches, Wi-Fi access points, voice assistants, thermostats, security cameras, and more to be recessed into or sit flush with wall and ceiling surfaces.”

WALL-SMART’s solutions introduce a unique approach to home tech installation, making it ideally suited for progressive, innovative, and early-adopter design/build/home tech integration markets in North America. WALL-SMART deliberately combines into its mounting hardware technological and aesthetic features that conform to the design/build standards of North America. WALL-SMART is a natural fit in kitchens and baths where solid surfaces dominate. Resting flush with backsplashes, cabinetry, kitchen island pedestals, and even vanity mirrors, keypads, touchscreens, switches, and outlets look like a seamless part of the surface rather than an afterthought that sticks out like a sore thumb.

As WALL-SMART’s portfolio of products continues to grow more diverse and versatile so do its benefits to kitchens and bath designers.

“Our short-term goal is building a qualified base of designers and architects who regularly spec WALL-SMART products in their upcoming and newly finished projects. Our long-term goal is becoming a standard feature in luxury homes, in which installations of all home technology will be flush or recess mounted,” shared Ben-Dor. “We are confident in our ability to help kitchen and bath professionals blend technology beautifully into their designs and are open to any and all feedback to develop new solutions for any market need.”