Brazil Brings Natural Stone to KBIS 2024 by Centrorochas “It’s Natural”

Brazil Brings Natural Stone to KBIS 2024 by Centrorochas “It’s Natural”

Brazil is bringing beauty to KBIS, and we are so ready! Centrorochas – the Brazilian stone exporters association and some of the finest people we’ve met in a long time – invites you to visit their conceptual space in South Hall SL 6015 featuring exquisite materials straight from the quarries, CEU presentations, inspiring Happy Hour programs and TWO NEW PROGRAMS FOR DESIGN PROS:

The Brazilian Natural Stone 2025 Buyers Tour

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Apply to join a select group of designers, architects, showroom dealers and manufacturers to visit Centrorochas at Marmomac Brazil 2025 in São Paulo. The itinerary will be exclusive to this tour and those interested can apply at KBIS. Or- APPLY HERE! Visit the Brazil Pavilion, South Hall, SL 6015.

Brazilian Natural Stone Brand Ambassadors Program

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This brand new program will take the conversations we begin at KBIS and continue to bring them to the forefront in North America. For those designers who are focused on kitchen and bath (wink wink), this is a commitment worth your while. Those interested can apply at KBIS, by visiting the Brazil Pavilion, South Hall, SL 6015! Or- APPLY HERE!

These programs will show you Centrorochas’ commitment to both educating the design industry on the beauty and benefits of natural stone. ALSO they will further expand the Brazilian stone’s availability to North America. We want YOU to become part of the natural-stone-convo.

Presenting…the Brazilian Natural Stone Pavilion Programming at KBIS 2024!

Join us February 27-29 for education and networking sessions, all hosted in South Hall SL6015. Highlights:


CEU: Countertops: Considerations for Kitchen and Bath
Tuesday, February 27th (10:00-11:00AM) – RSVP here!

Join us for a session with the Natural Stone Institute (NSI). We will touch on different types of stone and how to set expectations for their performance as a countertop material. Topics include fabrication, installation, and what design aesthetics can be achieved with natural stone today.

Happy Hour
Tuesday, February 27 (4:00-5:00PM) – RSVP here!

Come discover why Brazilian Natural Stone is so special while celebrating the first day of the show!

Happy Hour – yes, again.
Wednesday, February 28th (3:00-4:00pm) – RSVP here!

Come back on day two for another cheers to Brazilian Natural Stone! You can network with the team from Centrorochas, and hear more about how to get involved in the conversation this year, and next.

Vitoria Stone

CEU: Why Choose Natural Stone?
Thursday, February 29 (3:00-5:00pm) – RSVP here!

Join the Natural Stone Institute (NSI) for a session that will educate – and inspire. We will begin with a review of historical uses of natural stone, the presentation will examine why the materials performs so well, in addition to the latest design trends where natural stone delivers.

We are so excited to see the first-ever Brazilian Natural Stone Pavilion at KBIS 2024 and have you join us as we redefine the conversation around natural stone.

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