Welcome to Designhounds

Welcome to Designhounds

What’s a Designhound, you ask?

Designhounds is a powerful network of influencers. Some particularly smart people (insert exaggerated eye roll here) have created tiers of influence that run from Nano to Micro and all the way to Mega and that’s just wonderful….for them.

We look at our network of over 500 influencers in the areas of interiors, kitchen and bath design as who they are: Subject matter experts, authoritative design professionals with actual, real-life design projects who know what they’re talking about and who, because they are also amazing writers OR photographers OR videographers OR on-air personalities OR a combination thereof – engage their online audiences through knowledgeable, entertaining and inspiring content.

So, if you think you’re one of the people above, send us an application which you can find on this page here or if you’re a brand looking to work with us, take a look at our brand page and get in touch.

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