NKBA Global Connect at KBIS 2024: The International Kiosks

NKBA Global Connect at KBIS 2024: The International Kiosks

The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) Global Connect has a robust program for KBIS 2024! We’re excited to announce this year’s International Kiosks in South Hall.

Found in booth #SL8027, the kiosk spaces will feature a collection of new-to-North America kitchen and bath brands from Holland, Ukraine, Italy, New Zealand, and Germany. The kiosks function as conceptual smaller spaces, in comparison to the International Pavilions. Brands can tell their stories and “get their foot in the door” of the North American market. Please pay them a visit, and learn more about the exhibiting brands, and feel free to offer feedback on their brands and products! They are looking to connect with you and see if their products will resonate with US buyers and specifiers.

Participating brands include Concelo, Dekker, Schott, SICAM, and the Ukrainian furniture and design cluster:


Concelo brings waste bins to this year’s KBIS, with products built to overcome the common challenges of dealing with waste. With its patented Clip’n’Clean system and clever hands-free Active Lid to control odors and moisture, waste just became beautiful. Concelo, made in New Zealand, includes a range of laundry hampers and is excited to make new connections at KBIS 2024!

Dekker Zevenhuizen bv:

Dekker's Natural Shades
Dekker’s “Mythical Rerooted” natural shades

Dekker is a 100% family-owned company and the largest European fabricator of customized kitchen and bathroom worktops. They develop and invest in sustainable solutions like Sustonable., Cosmolite, and Obsidiana.


“Where technology meets design,” SICAM is a design exhibition in Pordenone, Italy. At the International Exhibition of Components, Accessories, and Semi-finished Products for the Furniture Industry, you can find all the product novelties and market trends for future collections of furniture, kitchens, bathrooms, contracts, and interior design.


SCHOTT will bring cutting-edge glass and glass ceramic solutions to KBIS. Their products combine durability, clarity, and thermal resistance that transform daily living through the fusion of technology and design. Enabling safer, energy-efficient, and aesthetically pleasing home appliances, SCHOTT is ready to join the KBIS community!  

Ukraine Lviv Sector: 

Ten brands from the Lviv sector of Ukraine will present their stories in two Global Connect Kiosks.  They include:

Aluminum Decor System (ADS):

AD's Sliding Door
ADS’ printed sliding door

Aluminum Decor System‘s core products consist of aluminum profiles for sliding cabinet doors, including mirror and glass with artistic enhancements (such as photo and UV printing, matting, and other artistic treatments). Also offering kitchen facades and innovative interior partition solutions, they are ready for KBIS!


Supplying high-quality furniture products from both wood and artificial stone, Aria‘s focus is on accessibility and versatility. A customer-oriented company ready to implement any of your ideas, they are ready to take the stage at this year’s KBIS.

Empire of Marble:

Empire of Marble brings a diverse range of high-quality marble for all corners of the home. They specialize in materials for stairs, windows, fireplaces, and more. Bringing beautiful outstanding materials of marble, granite, onyx, and tapertine in one-of-a-kind shades and patterns to elevate your home! 

Furniture Park:

The mission of Furniture Park is to broaden horizons and establish new connections in the fields of design and interior decoration, with a particular focus on bathrooms and kitchens. They aspire to be at the forefront of the furniture manufacturing market, with showrooms that serve as a space for unhurried, convenient, and creative work.


Garant is a booming furniture manufacturing company, founded by highly skilled professionals with strong experience in furniture production. At KBIS, they will speak on their assortment of more than 1500 different models of cabinet furniture, and high-quality kitchens.

Pikart Lights:

Pikart Light's Ceramika
Pikart Light’s series of “Ceramika Design”

In crafting each luminaire, Pikart Lights entrusts the process to the careful hands of seasoned artisans, each detail demanding experience and remarkable skill. They are ready to show their enduring commitment to excellence, which defines the journey in the world of illumination design! 


ReStyle is a brand of designer modular furniture, which includes kitchens, cabinets, shelves, bathroom cabinets, and more! Ukrainian designers worked together to develop The ReStyle concept which was created taking into account experience, skill, and modern technologies.  


Viyar offers a full range of materials and services for furniture production of various types: kitchens, bathrooms, wardrobes, tables, cabinets, and more. Today ViYar is: 9 factories, 18 branches, finished projects in 26 countries, and 3000 ready orders every day. 


Woodluck's Cafe Room
Woodluck’s project: Blum Cafe Room

Woodluck offers at KBIS comfortable furniture that matches your individual style while involving people from vulnerable population groups in their work. In fact, WoodLuck Workshop was founded as a social enterprise, so the social component is a part of its DNA. They allocate 10% of profits to support families facing difficulties. 


Finally, Zavadski chandeliers preserve the best European traditions formed throughout centuries by leading artists, architects, and artisans for famous castles and villas. The Scandinavian style is in their genes. Trend-setting is their game, and they are ready to join the North American market.

We are thrilled to welcome these international brands to KBIS as part of the NKBA Global Connect Program! You can read the full list of Global Connect members coming to KBIS 2024 here.

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