Announcing: Designhounds KBIS 2022 Top 10

Announcing: Designhounds KBIS 2022 Top 10

Modenus Media’s team of Designhounds Influencers spent three days scouring KBIS 2022 for their favorite finds from exhibiting brands and artisans and we are now proud to announce the Top 10 as selected by each of this year’s participants.

Please note, products that were selected by multiple Designhounds are listed in order of number of nominations. Products with single nominations are listed in no particular order.

Tied in 1st Place with 5 nominations : Belwith Keeler Bijou Collection and Monogram Designer Series (led by Designhounds Veteran Richard Anuszkiewicz)

Honorary 1st Place with 5 nominations of separate but related products : Thompson Traders

Tied in 2nd Place with 4 nominations each: Signature Kitchen Suite 48″ Side-by-Side Refrigerator, LG Studio Wash Tower, Pitt Cooking Systems

Tied for 3d Place with 3 nominations each we congratulate: Compac Stone, Fittings Metal Collection, Konkretus, LG Styler, Rev-A-Shelf Pull-Outs and Vlaze

Congratulations to all brands with 2 nominations: Zip Water, Invisacook, Signature Kitchen Suite 48″ Range, Tech Lighting, nobilia kitchens, Emtek Galapagos Project, Angel Cookware, Beko Frontloading Washer, Victoria & Albert Tubs, Cooksy, Cafe Matte Black Range, Kohler Power Reserve, Compac Obsidian, Smeg Dolce e Gabbana, Ikonni, Hacker Kitchens

Please also explore all additional nominations below and we thank our Designhounds Team, KBIS 2022 and ALL EXHIBITORS for an amazing show and look forward to seeing everyone at KBIS 2023 in Las Vegas!

Ozonos Air purifiers (in lighting)
Swidget outlets/switches
Infinity Drain linear drain and 48 hr designer custom program
Fulgar Milano 48″ range with griddle over induction
John Michael outdoor kitchen
ABK stone porcelain slabs
Antolini: Kosmus “A” Stratos Design Slabs
Kohler: Statement collection
Bellwith Keeler: Innocent Collection cabinet hardware
John Michaels: Metal Cabinets
Cebi Design—Herringbone Cabinet Door Hardware Collection
Richelieu—Aluminum Frame Doors with Wire Mesh
Kohler—Stillness Soak Bath
LG – 24” Steam Dishwasher
Belwith Keeler — Refrigerator Pull Collection
Cosentino–Dekton Full Body Technology
Castello USA Tub
QM Drain
Tech lighting LED Light by Sean Lavin
Valiryo bodydryer
The LG Tiiun Free standing Garden Appliance
The Rev-a-shelf kitchen draw organizer
Kessick Wine Cellars
SKS – 36” cooktop w/ sous vide
KOHLER Tone bathroom faucet
Monogram Outdoor Kitchen
Cebi Design— Door Hardware Collection
Kohler Ironworks
Verve Hardware
Lefroy Brooks tub
Cartisan Design Vanity
Aquabella Venet Circle XL
Antolini Showroom
Binli toilet
Innocraft Cabinetry
Kohler Eir Intelligent Toilet
Neolith Calacatta Luxe
richelieu contemporary metal pull
Egger Wood Products
Artistic Reflections Tile
Beko Corner Intense Dishwasher
SKS Induction Cooktop
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